You can show your support simply by “liking” or following us on FaceBook or Instagram. Or you could subscribe to our YouTube channel. But you could make a big difference by becoming a Patron and sponsoring us.

The choir’s prime objective is to help raise money for various charitable causes. Our operation comes with inherent costs and these are usually offset by charging event organisers for our services. This still usually leaves a substantial income for the event’s cause but any support you could offer would help us minimise our costs and maximise the charitable contribution.

Patrons and Sponsors

We rely on our patrons and sponsors, not just for their invaluable financial support but also for their presence at our concerts and other events and for the wonderful work they do to promote the choir around Oxfordshire and beyond.  Patrons benefit from invitations to special events and social activities including opportunities to join the choir at massed choir and other ‘tour’ events.

Other Support

We also appreciate help with things such as printing, uniforms, catering or simply providing stewarding services.

You can download our Patrons’ form here.

Or for more information, or a chat about ways in which you can support us, please contact us.