Photo and Video Gallery

Like many choirs over the last couple of years, we had to resort to remote rehearsals during lockdown, when we were unable to meet in person. This was only made possible by the phenomenon of “Zoom”. We surprised ourselves with our ability to master the technicalities and we were thankful for the joy and enthusiasm we received each week from our Musical Director, Helen. She even persuaded us to record ourselves individually so video montages could be created and we could remind the public that we were still singing. See Calon Lan below! These are all available on our YouTube Channel, along with other videos from concerts over the years.

Most of our photos (and some videos) are published on Facebook these days, but if you’d like to view our archive of photos from before 2020, please see below.

A few example videos

View more on our YouTube channel or Facebook or Instagram pages.

A few recent photographs - click to enlarge

Archive of photographs from 2020 and prior
(We will be working to transition the old archive across to this new website, please visit later)