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Founded in 1928...


November 2016
We are getting ready for our last concert of 2016. Its in Oxford at St Barnabas Church, Jerico and is supporting The Charity 'Young Dementia UK'. It should be a lovely occasion with songs, carols and readings to get you into the Christmas mood!

Young dementia


October 2016

Saturday 8th October Oxford Town Hall

I was going to write a report.... Morriston wrote such a good one... I had to 'borrow' it.

It was a brilliant concet thanks to all of the hard work put in by both choirs, soloists and our supporters. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People raised £740 for the charity and did an excellent job of informing the audience of their valuable work.

The voluptously stuccoed hall in Oxford Town Hall was the venue for Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir's Annual Concert. It is a wonderful room, with a seating gallery, and it was almost filled to the brim.

This was a joint concert, with the combined choirs singing ten pieces together, and each one singing three on their own. The two Musical Directors each conducted one half of the concert, which involved a change of seating arrangement in each half due to the different placing of the four choir voice sections for each choir. Fortunately, we were able to have a full rehearsal in the afternoon so that choristers could get accustomed to the other choir's MD's interpretation of familiar songs. This meant that, by the end of the evening, we had sung two concerts!

The choice of combined music included several Welsh favourites such as Rachie and Llanfair, and we were impressed by the command of the language by the exiles. Oxford's MD, Helen Swift, is very expressive when she conducts, and she left us in no doubt as to what she wanted from us. Perhaps it does a choir good to be conducted by a different conductor occasionally; it certainly sharpens one's concentration!

Our MD D. Huw Rees had chosen Unchained Melody, The Lord's Prayer, and Anfonaf Angel for our "solo" pieces, with bass Huw Roberts singing the solo part in the latter.

Unfortunately, our accompanist Hywel Evans was unable to travel with us due to illness, but we were extremely fortunate and grateful when Helen Swift stepped into the breach at short notice.Oxford's three pieces were the old favoiurite, Myfanwy, Field's of Athenry, and a very amusing version of Grandfather's Clock which involved some audience participation. They were accompanied by Tim Croston (piano) and Andrew Patterson (organ).

We were also entertained by operatic duo Hannah Fraser-Mackenzie and Robert Jenkins. In the first half they sang classical operatic arias, and in the second their programme was based on West End and Broadway show numbers.

The concert supported Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and we learned that it costs over £40,000 to train and maintain a dog. We were treated to an excellent 'afterglow' in the Town Hall's bar, where we were able to lubricate our hard-worked voices before heading for home (or to our hotel), having thoroughly enjoyed this collaboration.

We plan to invite the Oxford Welsh Choir back to our own area in 2017, when we look forward to brief friendships being rekindled. Thank you Oxford Welsh Male choir for our invitation to join in your special day


June 2016

I've managed to catch up with the pictures from our earlier concerts. Unfortunatley we don't have any from our first 2016 concert in Oakley on 16th Jan 2016. If you do have some I'm more than happy to post them on the site.

We are having a taster session to allow male singers to see if they would like to join the choir. Do take a look at the taster page <click here>


Spring 2016

Happy new year....

How time flies when you are a busy choir! We have alreay sung at two concerts in Oakley and Goring (Invited back in 18 months!). We also had a fabulous St Davids Day Celebration with Tenor Richard Lloyd Owen, our choir and a mountain of food. On Saturday we sang at the first of 5 weddings for 2016, although the weather was awful the atmosphere in The Clock Barn in Whitchurch was warm and welcoming. Do check our facebook page for recent photos, I'll be putting fresh ones on the website soon.

December 2015

'Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda', to all of our Welsh readers. To the rest of you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Card front 2015

Our last performance of 2015 is at Oaken Holt Care Home... sorry, its a private party!


November 16th 2015

Our MD Helen Swift, husband Jonathan and friend Steven Morris gave an excellent concert in Woodstock on Saturday. The programme covered music from Mozart to Flanders and Swann and was delivered in an enetrtaining manner by the trio. You missed the three attempts at 'The Elephant', which began with piano and clarinette, on the third and final time it was played on piano and contrabasse clarinette. An amazing piece of musicianship and theatre.

Helen Swift, JonathaN French and Steven Morris

on Saturday 28th November we have or final concert for 2015, do come! St Leonard's Church, Eynsham. OX29 4HW

Tickets are £10 from: Margherita Pierini – 01865 880923


November 2015

It's been a busy year, however, we still have two performances to go before the Xmas break. One is a public performance in St Leonard's Church, Eynsham. OX29 4HW on November 26 and the other is a carol concert in a local care home. Our MD Helen Swift is singing in a Concert next Saturday (14 November) at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Woodstock. Tickets £10.00 at the Woodstock Bookshop, or at the door, or ring 01993 813594


October 2015

The last few days before our Annual Concert. Everybody has worked so hard to make this a success. Please brave the horrors of Oxfords parking and road works and come to the magnificent Town Hall and listen to two amazing choirs and two 'star' soloists.

For those who missed us on That's Oxford, here is Monday's programme. We gave the choir and the concert a good plug and hopefully reached a new audience.  Shame their sound quality is so poor. You might be interested to know that I put the link on Facebook last night and it's already been seen by 391 people.  Maybe one of them will be buy a ticket!



September 2015

At the end of a busy summer the choir had day trip to Caldicot. We set off in time for an early lunch in Chepstow. After lunch the group divided in to walkers, tourists, shoppers and rugby fans. The walkers took a scenic route up the Wye valley and the tourists explored the old bridge, museum and castle. The evening concert in Caldicot was amazing. The audience packed the leisure centre, the two choirs (30 from Oxford 60+ from Caldicot) filling the space with an amazing sound. There are some photos on the website and on our Facebook page

May 2015

The sun shone on 'a grand day out' for 40 members of the choir who joined 700 other singers at the Albert Hall for the Festival of Voices. It was the best massed choir event that I have attended, the audience and the performers loved it. Check out facebook or the website for some photos.

April 2015

Where have the last few months gone? A brilliant St Davids Day celebration with our amazing guest choir Côr Caerdydd. Four more concerts and an Albert Hall rehearsal with Alwyn Humphreys. Please look at our photo pages I've just made 2015 live and completed the last two entries for 2014.

January 2015

A belated Happy New Year! We have a very busy year ahead, with eleven concerts and 4 weddings. In addition to our normal rehearsals we are putting the finishing touches to our St David's Day concert which features a special guest choir, Côr Caerdydd, in addition to our traditional Welsh Tea.

November 2014

Last night at our AGM (8/11/2014) the whole choir unanimously supported the selection of Malcolm Hookham as our new President. Malcolm has been with the choir for over 40 years. He has not just been a chorister, he has always been a 'worker' either as a committee member, marshall, organiser of the social fund raffle or just the guy who always offers to help, however menial the task. He is well liked by all of us and is a real ambassador for The Choir. Congratulations from us all.

November 2014

I hope you didn't miss an excellent concert at the Oxford Town Hall on Saturday 1st November. The visiting choir from Builth complemented the Oxford Welsh perfectly. The solo items and combined pieces were all amazing. Click <here> to hear us singing American Trilogy, with Helen Swift conducting, Tim Croston on piano and Andrew Patterson on organ. Many thanks to the Builth choir especially Bill Bain and the music team of Luned Jones, Adrian Morgan and Ann Bufton.

In a departure from recent years, our solo slot was filled by the musical duo 2Πr. This consisted of a former accompanist, Alex Howgego and singer Rhiannon Drake.

September 2014

Its been a busy year as you can see from our photo gallery. We have one more concert before the Town Hall on November 1st. This concert should be extra special with the choir from Builth Wells joining us on stage. Our supporting act will be our former accompanist Alex Howgego and singer Rhiannon Drake to listen to them click here For more details of the concert and to download a poster click here

We also recorded a brand new CD in July. Its called Remembrance , the theme is reflection and remembrance, it will soon be on sale price £10. You can see some pictures of the recording day in our photo gallery (click 'Media').

June 2014

At Haydn's funeral his son David Cooper read this eulogy. I found it so informative and amusing, recounting wartime exploits, a childhood in Wales and his early days in Cowley. I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

Haydn Cooper passed away very peacefully on Monday 9th June. He was 96 years young.

Haydn became our Choir President in 2003. He was a singing member of the choir from the early 1930’s till the late 90’s. As a boy he had travelled from Wales to join the other exiles working in the car factory. He was another piece in the intricate jigsaw which keeps our choir Welsh and his loss will be felt by us all.

The choir were very glad to have had the opportunity to sing for Haydn at his care home on 30th April, an event which he very much enjoyed and talked about during his last few weeks.

Haydn Cooper


April 2014

You missed and excellent concert with our guests from Tenby. The two choirs sang to a packed Guildhall on Saturday 12th April. The pictures on the website don't do the evening justice. The choirs sang two joint sets and two solo sets. The singing continued until well into the night as the afterglow took place in the bar. Our Guests were most impressed by 'Abingdon Bridge!'. Our soloist for the evening was Hannah Nye in addition to here solo Items she sang Deus Salutis with both choirs. In return we sang one line of Villia.

Look out for us next at St John the Baptist, Stadhampton on May 10th

March 2014

Our largest choir and largest audience for a St David's Day. The choir of 37 were joined by The Dafydd ap Gwilym Society, Hannah Nye and music team members Helen Swift, Tim Croxton, Andrew Patterson, Craig Williamson and Alex Howgego. For more pictures <click>

I have been getting the website up to date and have started putting pictures into the galleries. Its a long job....

For instant news do look at our Facebook page 'OxfordWelsh' and for more details of the concert with Tenby click <here>


January 2014

Welcome to the new year! We already have a full calendar for 2014 with a couple of extra events awaiting final confirmation. As you will see we are now booking in to 2015!

Our MusicTeam now consists of Musical Director Helen Swift and accompanists Tim Croston and Andrew Patterson. Craig Williamson remains as a guest conductor when teaching committments allow. Alex Howgego is also still on the scene, although we will be seeing less of him following his move to a new job in Bristol.

For the first time in many years we actually have our St David's Day 'Celebration' on the 1st of March.

Saint David, who lived and died in the sixth century and is credited with spreading Christianity to the pagan Celtic tribes, is unlikely to have approved of even the slightest tipple. Like the strong temperance movement that is understood to have put paid to the Welsh whisky industry in the 19th century, he was a teetotaller (hence his alternative title of 'Dewi Ddyfrwr' meaning David the water drinker).

Life at the ten monasteries St David is said to have founded was harsh, according to an essay on the Data Waleswebsite. He expected monks to follow his strict diet of herbs and bread and to harness themselves to ploughs instead of using oxen. He is the only Welsh saint to be canonised in the western church and he has been the patron saint of Wales since the 12th century.

The most famous of the miracles attributed to St David (known as Dewi Sant in Welsh) took place during the synod at Llanddewi Brefi, 42 miles north east of Cardigan. According to the Wales Tourism Board, in order to get the crowd's attention "he placed a cloth on the ground which duly rose beneath his feet and a white dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit, settled on his shoulder".

Six weeks later, on Saturday 12th April, we have a joint concert with Tenby Male Voice Choir, as part of their Spring tour. The concert will be in the Abingdon Guildhall and features both choirs and local soprano Hannah Nye and Paul Varello, a tenor from Tenby.


January 2013

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb, Happy New Year to you all. The choir is 85 years young in 2013 and it has just enrolled its 50th member which makes it bigger than its ever been. The choir starts rehearsing this Thursday (10th Jan) and will be working on our programme for St Davids Day and The Anglo Welsh Festival in addition to our Oxfordshire concerts. As usual out St Davids Day celebration is the week before St Davids Day, on Saturday 23 February at the Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall Street, Oxford OX1 2DH. It starts at 6.30pm with refreshments - tea and Welsh cakes are some of the treats! The evening continues with songs from the choir, entertainment from Oxford University Welsh Society and a surprise musical interlude. There will be chances to join in the singing, talk to other members of the Oxfordshire Welsh community and have a good time. Ticket are £10 including the Welsh 'tea' and they can be bought from by phoning George Jenkinson 01865 741419 or emailling oxwelsh@gmail.com
If you want a poster <click here>

October 2012

We had a really good concert at the Town Hall last night (20th Oct). The choirs from Pontnewydd and Cwm sang their sets with flair and enthusiasm which we returned in our set. When the three choirs combined, the effect was electric and we really showed why the sound of Male Voice Choirs is so special.
Our two soloists Hannah Nye and Anna-Louise Costello were brilliant singing alone, however, when they performed The Flower Duet, the effect was electric - the silenced audience errupted in spontanious applause at the end of the piece.
One of our guests, Lyndon Birch (Chairman of the Welsh Association of Male Voice Choirs and member of Pontnewydd Choir) said 'Great night all choirs sang very well. Thank you Oxford Male Voice Choir for the invitation the sing with you and Cwm'
If you didn't go to the concert you really missed a treat. Do look out for us again in Shrivenham (3 Nov) or Oxford (23 Nov) or come to our St Davids day Concert in the Wesley Memorial Church on the 23rd of Feb 2013.

September 2012

The summer break is over and the choir returned to form with a sellout concert in Shipton under Wychwood. Some new material was trialled and our MD Helen Swift took the solo spot. We only have one concert remaining before our 'Evening of Music' in the Town Hall on October 20th. Please come to our concert - tickets are a very reasonable £10! This will give you over 2 hours of music from 3 combined choirs and 2 excellent soloists. The concert is supporting Prostate Cancer UK... its a charity close to our hearts and we hope to remember past choir members who have died from this disease and make people more aware of what can be done to fight this cancer. If you want more details please use the link at the bottom of the page or Phone George Jenkinson 01865 741419 or print out a poster for display. The link to the poster is <here>


June 2012

After a great concert in Woodstock with the choir and local soprano Hannah Nye there is another chance to hear the Choir on July 7th. This time in Cowley. This gives us a chance to hear the choir and Soprano, Anna-Louise Costello.
Her programme to include arias by Puccini, Léhar, Gershwin, Vivaldi and Gounod.
July 7th. 7.30pm. St. James, Cowley OX4 3LF Tickets £10
Follow the link if you would like to hear her.



March 2012

If you missed our St David's Day celebration on 25th of February you missed a real treat. Before the concert we had a fantastic spread with real Welsh Cakes as well as sandwiches, cakes and other snacks. We had performances from Dafydd ap Gwilym who sang and recited beautifully and our own cast for a series of exracts from Under Milk Wood This tribute to Dylan Thomas was produced by Sharron Jenkinson and employed members of the choir, their wives and Glesni Euros from Dafyd ap Gwilym. Dai Griffiths from Brookes University read voice one and our MD Craig Williamson was voice two. Special mention also to Lyn Davies who sang a solo of 'All through the night' (Ar Hyd y Nos). The choir was conducted by both Craig and our new joint MD Helen Swift.

The afterglow in the Royal Blenhiem went on for many hours!

This is an extract from a letter sent to us by a member of the Oxford Welsh Society (Yes, they are still very active after more than 40 years!)

"I can also tell everyone who wasn't there that the Oxford Male Voice Choir concert last night was a magnificent occasion - and wholly home-grown. It included songs from the Dafydd ap Gwilym Society's excellent small choir, and in the second half OMVC provided lovely integral choral and solo music for a semi-staged, shortened, performance of Under Milk Wood, with parts taken by choir wives and friends. The players of First and Second Voice are both on the staff at Brookes, and the rest of us all sang anthems and hymns in Welsh and English, so pretty comprehensive all round."

Another date for your diary is the Oxford Welsh concert at Oxford Town Hall on Saturday 20 October, with Pontnewydd Male Voice Choir as guests. Tickets from George Jenkinson, 01865 741419.

You can see us and Helen Swift on 10th March at St John’s, Carterton OX18 3AA at 7.30pm. Local soloist Hannah Nye will be singing with us for the first time.

If you want to catch the latest news as it happens.... visit our 'Facebook' page and become a friend.

NEWS FLASH: Cwm choir will be the third choir to join us at the Town Hall in October!


February 2012

Lots of news, where do I begin. The Uffington concert was very enjoyable, we managed to avoid the snow. Not so with Ardington where it snowed all the way through the concert and discouraged the expected crowds. We made it there and 16 intrepid choristers, soloist and music team produced an excellent concert.

Saint Davids Day was our best in many years. 100 percent Oxford and with and enhanced Welsh content. In the words of one of the members of the Oxford Welsh Society, "I can also tell everyone who wasn't there that the Oxford Male Voice Choir concert last night was a magnificent occasion - and wholly home-grown. It included songs from the Dafydd ap Gwilym Society's excellent small choir, and in the second half OMVC provided lovely integral choral and solo music for a semi-staged, shortened, performance of Under Milk Wood, with parts taken by choir wives and friends. The players of First and Second Voice are both on the staff at Brookes, and the rest of us all sang anthems and hymns in Welsh and English, so pretty comprehensive all round." The author of this didn't mention the best Welsh cakes this side of the Severn and a rather nice tea for all guests.

It was our last performance by Geoffrey Cowan our accompanist and the first for our new joint MD Helen Swift. I hope that she and Craig Williamson will continue the improvement in the choirs performance. Do check who is who where I have included provisional information about Craig and Helen. I hope to replace some of the pictures in a while.

January 2012

A new year.... so it must be Uffington! This year we visit 'The Cathedral in the Vale' on the 14th of January and introduce them to Kelly Anne Young as our guest soloist. Then it's Holy Trinity, Ardington on the 4th of February and our St David's Day Celebration on the 25th. Following the sucess of the new format last year we are keeping to an Oxfordshire Welsh Theme which will I hope be accessible and enjoyable by all. The evening starts with refreshments and chat from 6.15 - we have been promised Welsh Cakes as well as other delights. It's then on with songs from the Choir, contributions from The Dafydd ap Gwilym Society and other surprises from local guests. There is a chance to join in. You don't have to be Welsh! BUT you do have to like a good time!

If you want to print out a poster and display it please click here

September 2011

A very busy year. We are only a month away from our Gala Concert in the Town Hall. It has guest choirs from Chepstow & Maesteg. We also welcome Paul Arden Griffiths as our guest soloist. Paul has career in both Opera and musical theatre. He created the role of Monsieur Reyer in Hal Prince’s production of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. Last year he was sharing the Covent Garden stage with Sir Thomas Allen; Felicity Palmer and Rosalind Plowright in the Royal Opera/Lyric Opera of Chicago co-production of Stephen Sondheim’s masterwork Sweeney Todd, singing the role of Beadle Bamford.
The concert takes place at Oxford Town Hall on Saturday 22nd October, 2011 at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £15 (concessions £12)

Blackwell (Enquiries desk), 48 - 51, Broad St., Oxford
Perspectives, 18, High Street, Woodstock
The Gift Shop, Bath Street, Abingdon
The Music Stand, High Street, Witney
The Town Hall, Oxford
Phil Lewis: 07811 517783


Please download a poster by clicking <here>


May 2011

My apologies for the lack of progress with the web site. A new PC and a bit more time and I hope to catch up soon. we had the first of our High Sherrif Concerts at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Steeple Ashton. The concert went very well with the choir and music team on great form. Kelly Anne wowed the audience with her solo spots. After the concert we retired to The Red Lion and repeated the concert for the locals and the large number from the church who followed us. Many thanks for the especially warm welcome!

March 2011

Some of us will be attending the St Davids Day service at Jesus College and then going for a plate of cawl with members of the Oxford Welsh Society. If you want to be informed of their events please contact oxwelsh@gmail.com as they do not have their own website and are not connected with the Oxfordshire Welsh Society.

Did you know that we can be found on 'You Tube', Twitter and Facebook. I hope to put more videos and pictures up by the weekend.

February 2011

Our annual St Davids Day celebration was a great success. The Church was full of friends drinking tea and eating welsh cakes. After being suitably fortified they were entertained by the choir and our special guests from Oxford Universities Dafydd ap Gwilym Society. The audience also had to sing for their supper and helped us our with 4 of the songs. The evening finished as usual with 'Mae hen wlad fy nhadau'

Did you know that the Dafydd ap Gwilym Society is the second oldest society in the University. Only the Oxford Union can beat it. Its named after a famous Welsh poet who lived about 700 years ago, unusually for the time he wrote poems about himself, his love life and his looking at young ladies in church.

January 2011

A very busy start to our 82nd year. We have managed to make it to Uffington this year and we all had a really good time. We begin a series of concerts sponsored by the new High Sheriff of Oxfordshire in addition to a rather busy calendar. The Choir now has two Vice Presidents; we are very proud that Mrs Wilhelmina Church and Mrs Penelope Glen have agreed to fill these posts and provide support for our president Haydn Cooper.

Later in the month we will be holding our St Davids Day Concert. As well as the Choir, the concert features contributions from 'The Oxford University Welsh Society', a Mystery Quartet and by popular request YOU.

The concert will be held at The Methodist Church in New Inn Hall Street on Saturday 26th February, 2011 (6.30pm - doors open 6.15pm). THe concert proper begins at 7.00 but there will be refreshments and chat from 6.15

Tickets £10 (£8 for concessions) from:Blackwell, (Cust. Services 2nd floor), 50 Broad St. Oxford. The Gift Centre, 29 Bury St. Abingdon. The Music Stand, 62 High St. Witney. Perspective, 18 High Street, Woodstock or by phone from Phil Lewis 07811 517783 or any choir member.

If you want to print out a poster and display it please click here.


May 2010

So much has happened since the last entry: No time for chat, just a list
The trip to France, brilliant - great hosts - amazing concert - beautiful country - the only problem was that it should have been much longer. Look at the pictures in our Media section.
Saint Davids Hall, another experience! good to see so many faces from choirs that we have previously sung with. Well Conducted by Frank Jones from Newport. At least we made it this time (Stopped by snow on the Motorway last year)
Our first mention in NME (New Musical Express), just the online version but we feature as number 3 Welsh Choir on their listings from YouTube. Here is the link http://www.nme.com/artists/welsh-male-voice-choir

March 2010

I'm writing this on the eve of our trip to Heilles in France (yes, we are going to Heilles and back... on Sunday!)

St Davids Day was an exceptionally good one as was our concert in Stanton St John. Preparations are well underway for our next public performance in Cowley St James, with weddings and Cardiff in between. You should also make a note of 23rd October which is our annual Gala Concert in the Town Hall. Choirs from Burry Port and Newport have both confirmed so it promises to be a great evening. Once again, we are looking to showcase some of the younger musical talent from Oxfordshire to provide entertainment between sets.

We will post details of the trip to France in a couple of days and also more performances for 2010 - so check again in early April.

February 2010

Rehearsals get back to normal after the disruption caused by the snow. We are now concert ready for our St Davids Day celebration on Feb 27. Its a good, mixed programme and it also gives you a second chance to hear Geraldine Aylmer-Kelly who will be our soloist for the evening.
We still have lots of new material to learn for our performance in St Davids Hall, Cardiff, as a part of a massed male voice concert. I'm sure that some of it will feature in future concerts.

See you on the 27th of Feb - Its the best way to celebrate St Davids Day and have a great evenings entertainment!


January 2010

A wonderful end to 2009 with concerts in a number of care homes and two socials. One at the North Oxford Golf Club and the other at the Gardeners Arms Pub in Tackley.

The year started badly with SNOW. We had to cancel rehearsals and our first concert at Uffington. The past 5 weeks is the longest that the choir has gone without a meeting!

Book now for our St Davids Day Concert, its on 27th Feb at the Wesley Memorial Chapel, Oxford. It features the largest choir that we have ever had (We now have 45 members) guest spots from choir members and the return of soprano Geraldine Aylmer-Kelly. Geraldine is no stranger to Welsh Choirs having sung with the 'Abertillery Orpheus', she is well known in Wiltshire and the South West as both a performer and teacher of singing.

St Davids Day tickets cost £10 (£5 children 12 and under) from: Wells Stores, Peachcroft Farm, 12 Acre Rd. Abingdon. Blackwell, (Cust. Services 2nd floor), 50 Broad St. Oxford. The Gift Centre, 29 Bury St. Abingdon. The Music Stand, 62 High St. Witney. and by phone to Phil Lewis 07811 517783

For a copy or the St Davids Day Poster<click here>
We now have a 'Twitter' page. You can join and have our 'tweets' (news) sent by email, text or rss feed (bit like a news ticker). To look at it click here


November 2009

Yes, I know October is missing (No idea where it went!). The Choir had an excellent series of concerts at Stow in the Wold, Stoke Lyne and Carterton. The pictures are in our gallery, except for Stow. Any pictures of this concert will be appreciated - we really enjoyed it.

Our Town Hall Concert on the 24th October was a real treat. The two guest choirs (Treharris and Maesteg) did us proud and set a very high standard in their solo sets. Our special guests, The Oxford County Youth Rosetti Quartet, contrasted well and showed what great local talent we possess.

this comment is typical -

"concert was simply fantastic one of the best I've been to with OMVC - and combining with Rosetti quartet worked so well - lovely choice of program it was an all around brilliant evening."

-so book early for St Davids Day! (27th Feb, Wesley Memorial Chapel, Oxford)


September 2009

I'm writing this in eary October! Its been a busy time with 3 excellent concerts and now just a few weeks before our 'do' at the Town Hall. The three Choirs involved (Treharris and Maesteg) are are all rehearsing and it promises to be a fantastic concert. The four young musicians from Oxfordshire schools promise a contrasting yet entertaining programme between sets. We also have an appearance by Sister Domenica, founder of the Helen and Douglas House Hospice, who are our chosen charity for this event. If you need more information click here. Either way the concert will be an excellent way to enjoy yourself and raise lots of money for this local charity.

Are you involved in fund raising? You can hire the choir for a concert at your venue. In the last 3 weeks we have helped to raise over £1000 for victims of the Chernobyl accident, over £700 for a sound system for a Church and over £1000 for a fesival charity. Please contact oxwelsh@gmail.com or look at 'Bookings' page for more information.


August 2009

We have a new permanent home! Its the music room of The Oxford Academy (Locals may remember it as Peers School). Its and excellent space with good accoustics and facilities. After the shock of the Lord Nuffield Club closure we were amazed by the offers of help and space from across Oxfordshire. We begin rehearsals in the new venue on September 17th.

Tickets are now on sale for the Gala concert on October 24th at the Oxford Town Hall. We have two guest Choirs (Treharris and Maesteg) as well as entertainment from four of the best young musicians in Oxfordshire. It will also be a chance to see our new musical director in action.



July 2009

News Update:
'Read all about it'

this article from the Oxford Times explains it all..

Our home for the last 18 months is closing. The Lord Nuffield club is closing after only 2 years in its new premises. It was an excellent venue with space, parking and a bar! Unfortunately severe financial problems have forced its closure. It means that the choir is homeless for the second time in 2 years. As we found out last time, its hard to find premises when you are competing with all of the other displaced clubs and societies. The choir has been associated with the Cowley area since its foundation in the 1920s. Meeting at the Nuffield Club was special as it tied the choir closer to its car making roots. We have temporary use of some space at Oxford Brookes University (Until term starts) but really need a new home quickly, with space for a piano our music and 40 singers. Do contact any of us if you can help.

A storybook summer evening, sublime music, beautifully decorated church, 'full house' followed by food drink and an 'afterglow' outside. That's what you missed if you didn't go to Aldworth. You could try to relive it in Cheltenham on the July 4th. The church contains an organ once played by Gustav Holst (his father was organist there). Or you could book us yourself for fundraising, a family occaision or just for fun.


June 2009

An excellent concert on 13th June at the Amey Hall helped the Rotary Club to raise much needed money for two local charities: The Oxfordshire Air Ambulance and Helen and Douglas House.
Craig Williamson, our Deputy MD, will be making his first public appearance with the choir on the 4th of July. He has conducted choirs and orchestras in Oxfordshire for several years and currently works in the music department at Oxford Brookes University.
I also need to thank our 'cub' photographers for helping with the website. If you have any pictures or articles that you might wish to include please email them to me oxwelshweb@gmail.com

May 2009

This page was begining to go on for ever. I've chopped off the news from before January and given it a new page called 'oldnews'

With more weddings and concerts, the choir is as busy as ever. Plans are well underway for our Town Hall Concert in the Autumn with two visiting choirs and performances from some of Oxfordshires most talented young musicians. It should raise the roof and raise much needed cash for Helen and Douglas House.


Strange things happen when you Google 'Oxford Welsh'! As webmaster I check the working of our website on a regular basis. I was most surprised when I discovered some of our traffic being directed to Ebay... I investigated and found the badge above.

Its a Glee Singers badge which must date from before 1974. I have no other information as it came from a large collection of badges. Don't worry, it found a good home (mine)!


April 2009

Don't ask about March! It was a busy month with weddings, Albert Hall Rehearsing and appointing a new music team. The good news is that the massed choir event was the best yet. The other good news is that Phil Palmer is now our MD assisted by another Welshman, Craig Williamson. More news about them in 'In Tune'.

We have also been asked to return to Cardiff next year for the SADs concert.

February 2009

Snow stops us singing! We were getting ready to go to Cardiff for a massed choir event and the snow plus advice from the coach company made us think better of it. Fortunatley the choirs From Wales managed to make it... proving that the weather is always better in Wales.

St Davids Day : we had our annual concert on Feb 28th in Abingdon. You missed a treat, the Choir sang well, the soloists were sublime and the audience was warm. It was good to see so many old friends of the choir on this very Welsh occasion. For some pictures click here

January 2009

A very busy start to our 81st year. We have already sung in two concerts (see our photo gallery) and are off to Cardiff for a massed choir festival in support of SADS UK

Later in the month we will be holding our St Davids Day Concert. As well as the Choir, the concert features: Helena Newsom (mezzo-soprano ), Anna Lockett (harp) & Tina Gandy (flute). The concert will be held at Amey Hall (Abingdon School), Park Road, Abingdon on Saturday 28th February, 2009 (7.30pm - doors open 6.45pm).
Tickets £10 (£5 children 12 and under) from: Wells Stores, Peachcroft Farm, 12 Acre Rd. Abingdon. Blackwell, (Cust. Services 2nd floor), 50 Broad St. Oxford. The Gift Centre, 29 Bury St. Abingdon. The Music Stand, 62 High St. Witney. Ron Salter: 01869 331245.

December 2008

A busy month with our usual round of performances and Christmas visits. The new year will bring changes both happy and sad. The Choir is losing 4 members. Colin Edwards and John Prout, long standing choir and committee
members, have retired from the choir. Our Musical Director Emily Stamoulis is also leaving, as is our accompanist Lucy Smitkova; both are expecting their first child. Lucy hopes to return to us in due course.
Our best wishes go to all.

Many thanks to Phil Palmer (Our Deputy MD) who has stepped in as our acting MD.


November 2008

The end of the first year of 'on line' choir news. Before I make a web page for the 80th birthday party I thought that it would be nice to share all of the pictures from Saturday. I hope that Sharron and I managed to snap everybody. Follow this link to a picasa album and click on any small image that you want to see. The slideshow is a bit clunky (there are lot of pictures) and each picture may take a few seconds to appear. Please download any that you want.

If you can suggest polite captions for any of the pictures please send them to me at oxwelshweb@gmail.com just give the caption and picture number.


October 2008

I have just placed a sample image from the 2008 Choir photos on to the 'who's who' page. A better, 'named one' will follow in due course. The photos were taken by Chris Honeywell from Working Images.
I have just added some pictures of our concert in Long Hanborough (18th October) as well as some pictures from the 90's provided by choir member Phil Gibbs (Editor of 'In Tune' and bass). The choir performed in Leiden in Holland in 1991 as part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of it's liberation.

If you do have any pictures that you think may be of interest please send them to me oxwelshweb@gmail.com

The concert in Beckley went well and the choir were treated to a warm reception in the 'Abingdon Arms' afterwards. There will be some photos appearing very soon.

If you are interested, in the last month the choir website has been visited by people from, United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States, Australia, Canada, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Ireland and Japan. The map of Uk visitors shows may local visits. The size of the dot indicates the number of visitors.

visits to the oxford welsh male voice choir website Swansea Cumbran Oxfordshire

A first concert for the choir in Fulbrook Church and a first public airing of 'Nessun Dorma' and the 'Jolly Roger'. It was a lovely church and appreciative audience. If anbody wants to send me any snaps I'll happily include them on the web site.
PS If you have any other photos or information for the choir you can email them to me at oxwelshweb@gmail.com or send longer articles for our free quarterly newsletter to oxwelshintune@googlemail.com


September 2008

An excellent concert in Witney, sorry about the lack of photos. The Choir had a series of extra rehearsals to prepare for the visit of Alwyn Humphreys who will be coaching us for the Albert Hall Concert next year. Although we have worked hard, it will be reassuring to know that we singing the arrangements in the way that their arranger (Alwyn) intended. Emily must be quietly confident as she has included two of the numbers in our concert schedule.


August 2008

A busy start to the new month, with 2 choir weddings. On August 2nd we have Geoff Axe (Tenor and cartoonist - see contact details page), followed on the Sunday by Emily Stamoulis (our MD). The choir sends them and their partners our very best wishes for the future. Watch the website for some photos on Monday. Sorry I missed Geoffs Wedding, any photos to oxwelshweb@gmail.com


July 2008

Despite the poor weather we have managed to produce sunshine in our recent concerts. Do look at the Rousham and Ditchley pictures. The Ditchley concert featured a new (to us) soloist called Voirrey Carr.
The photo page has been split in two as it was begining to get rather large. The older pictures (pre 2008) now have their own page.


June 2008

A wet start to the month, an excellent concert at Leafield on the 7th, unfortunatley we forgot our cameras. If anybody has a picture please send it to oxwelshweb@gmail.com and I will include it on our 'Photos' page. It's also time for 'In Tune' please send any articles to oxwelshintune@googlemail.com if they don't make this edition, don't worry, they will probably be included in the next one!


May 2008

Sadly we didn't get throught to the semi-finals of the choir of the year.
The good news is that thanks to Emily, the music team and lots of hard work, we did put in a very creditable performance with a very varied programme. The marksheets from the judges confirmed that we did perform very well, giving a few helpful pointers towards any future competition performance. It was our first competition for over 20 years and it was an experience that we will all learn from and remember.

I've added an extra script to the bottom of the home page which displays the current date in Welsh as well as English. If it works I'll put it on to the other pages. Thanks to Lyn Davies and colleagues at work for the advice.


April 2008

On the last day of April we are launching an 'InTune' archive. It contains a selection of articles from the last 4 years which can be downloaded or viewed as 'pdf' files. If you want your own copy of In Tune its tells you how to get one and also has an email address for people wishing to submit articles for the newsletter. (oxwelshintune@googlemail.com)

We have moved in to the new venue (Lord Nuffield Club) and it already feels like home.
The 'Old' website is no more. It had served us well for two years, but still contained code from the very first site which was over 6 years old. The new site is W3C compliant which means that it will be easier to maintain in future and will also be more accessible to disabled users. I hope you like the little Welsh flag 'favicon'. As its all new, there will be mistakes and suggestions. I'd appreciate being told about them, please email me at oxwelshweb@gmail.com


March 2008

Our Rehearsal venue is changing. From April it will be at the Lord Nuffield Centre in Cowley. Thursday night 7.30 to 9.30 and in the bar afterwards (optional!). Click here for more details

We enjoyed the games on Saturday (click for some pictures) and were invited back to the Cardiff Rugby Club after the match.

You missed a great St Davids Concert... click here for some pictures of the 'boys' (and Emily) in our new uniforms.

Our next event is in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium 28th March . Our programme is rather short and you do have to sit through two Rugby Matches... Ah well, the things we suffer for our music.


February 2008

Tickets are now on sale for our St Davids Day concert

(Saturday March 1st)
at the Amey Hall, Abingdon.

Tickets (£10) from:
Wells Stores, Peachcroft Farm, 12 Acre Rd, Abingdon
Dcs Johncare, 7/8 Radley Rd Industrial Estate, Abingdon
Blackwells Music Shop, Broad St, Oxford
Ron Salter 01869 331245
John Prout 01235 521307

Once again we welcome Rhian Williams (Soprano), Sujoya Elin Paul Bullock (harpist) and our Dragon.

January 2008

The choir are performing in Cardiff for the BBC Choir of the Year 1/4 finals. 18th May in Cardiff

The new Cd is released. It will be on sale at concerts priced £10 and will also be available by post for £10.50 . For more information on content and an order form click on the CD.

The Choir is 80 this year, our President Haydn Cooper, who has been a member since the 30's, celebrated his 90th birthday.

December 2007

We have some new photos in the gallery. Pictures of the Town Hall concert in September and the CD recording session in November.

The choir is holding its Welsh evening at the Victoria Arms in Marston on Sunday 23 September starting at 8pm. No charge for entry.

November 2007

It's an extra busy time for the Choir!

We thought that it would just be the usual round of mince pies and Christmas carols - how wrong could we be.

Firstly, our home is Cowley Centre is being redeveloped. For a while it looked as if we would be homeless for our 80th birthday. Don't worry, we found a new home, also in Cowley and we will continue to rehearse on Thursday evenings. See March 2008 (above).

Secondly, we are preparing to record a new CD on December 2nd 2007. This will feature a new selection of songs, with a good balance of previously unrecorded (by us) Welsh favorites as well as some new works. These will show how much the choir has developed under the baton of our new MD, Emily Stamoulis. The final selection of songs will be decided after the recording session.

The CD will be available in the new year.