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Open rehearsal taster session                                            Thursday 21st July 2016     

Thanks for showing interest in the choir’s taster session and seeking out more information. Hopefully you’ve already decided to come along and just want to know how to register so we’ll tell you about that first. But if you still need convincing then read on and we’ll try to explain more about us.
For the evening to run smoothly and so that we know how many are coming, we need you to register. Our website doesn’t have any fancy on-line forms so we’ll need you to complete the form below and return it to us. You can either send it by post, email it as an attachment, or if you have a problem doing that then just copy the content into an email and send us that. Alternatively, just phone us and we can take the relevant details.

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Venue:                       St Francis School, Horspath Rd, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2QT
Time:                          Arrive 7.00 - 7.15pm.  The session ends at 9.30pm  (There’s no access before 7pm)
Things to bring:        Yourself and a bottle of water.
The school is a bit hidden away – from Holloway, come down Horspath Road and turn into Paget Road just before you get to a row of shops on your right. (It’s the third right hand turn). Go down about 50 yards and the gate is on the right, in the corner. If you’re coming by car, be aware that parking space is limited so please park closely and don’t be afraid to block people in (from the far end first, obviously). If you’re likely to need to leave early, then it might be better to park in the street.

So you know what to expect:  We’ll probably do some voice exercises to start and maybe demonstrate the vocal range of each section, in case people aren’t sure where they fit. Bear in mind that if you haven’t sung for a while, then it may take a while to get back into it and achieve the upper and lower extremes.

This session is intended as a taster to see if you like us. We don’t expect you to be able to decide straight away so you’re welcome to come back again for 3 or 4 rehearsals before you join up (or don’t).

More about the choir.
First of all, we’re a friendly bunch so there’s no pressure or expectation on anyone. We realise that people have lives outside of choir so you won’t need to attend every rehearsal or concert (but you do need to come to some of the rehearsals just prior to a concert if you’re performing).

The choir is a registered charity and so individuals don’t get paid and travel is at your own expense – just as it would be for any other hobby you have. We tend to do a “charitable” concert about once a month (though not usually in August). We also do other private functions such as weddings, which augments the choir income and helps to keep our subscription low. Membership is £70 a year but there’s a discount for pensioners. You will also have to purchase some items of uniform but we supply the jackets free, against a deposit. Music copies are provided on loan.

We sing in four parts – Top tenor, second tenor, baritone and bass. Top tenor reaches up a bit higher than typical mixed choir tenors and basses reach a bit lower than mixed choir basses do. The repertoire is wide and varied. There are the typical old Welsh melodies and hymns you might expect, and also a few opera choruses as well as items from modern musicals such as Les Miserables. There are fun songs and quiet unaccompanied pieces. We perform without music copies, so consequently we don’t expect you to be ready to perform for at least 3 months, possibly 6. We have our main annual concert in the Oxford Town Hall in October which might be good to aim for.

Between 25-30% of the repertoire is in Welsh but this shouldn’t put you off.  Once you learn the pronunciation, it’s not difficult. Some members find it easier to use phonetic versions, which are available.

Click here for an application form to print out

Please complete this form and email it to owmvc.taster@gmail.com
Or you can post it to: 17 Cratlands Close, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire, OX44 7TU


Not critical at this stage but it would
be useful to know your town or village.

Age group:                                         Prefer not say□  <25□   26-50□    50-75□   >76□
Have you sung in a choir before?                     No□  A while ago□  recently□   currently□
Do you know your voice range?  Unsure□  Top Tenor□  2nd Tenor□  Baritone□  Bass□
How did you find out about this event? (if it was an advert, please say which publication)

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