Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1928...

I can't hear the music... a few tips

Firstly, can you hear sounds from other websites?

Assuming that you can... does your internet page have this extra yellow line?


If it does, just click the mouse on top of the line and you will see an extra box... below

Highlight the ' Allow Blocked Content' and the music should play after a 3 second delay.


You may also see this box if its the first time that you have used the information bar...

Unless you wish to find out more, just close it.


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Why it happens
This happens with a very few 'Browsers' which ask you to decide if the content of a website is safe. Once you have done this the computer will remember that you have trusted the Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir website. Allowing our site to work will not affect your security with other websites.
As a rule, you should not allow blocked content from any websites which you do not know or trust. Blocked content can be music, images or malware (bad software including virus type files), unfortunately in order to protect users from these disreputable sites, all sites require you, the user, to make an informed decision before allowing this content to be displayed. In the case of our site I have 'embedded' the soundfile in to the webpage so that the overall appearance of the site is improved, the embedded (hidden) file is seen as a suspicious object.
Other free browsers such as 'Firefox', 'Safari' and 'Opera' do not cause such problems.
For more information see the http://www.alternativebrowseralliance.com


George Jenkinson (webmaster)