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In Tune

'In Tune' is the quarterly newsletter of the Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir. It contains comments and reviews, jokes and quizzes as well as articles on Welsh culture.
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If you have a article suitable for publication then please email it to oxwelshintune@googlemail.com


Welsh Film titles - be warned they are very 'punny' - from August 2004 (208kb)

Crossword from December 2004 (396kb)

A short story by our editor Phil Gibbs - December 2005 (600kb)

The editor attempts to 'console' Roger Martin after a 'crash', the pain of computers - from September 2006 (196kb)

Where is it? an inscription in Welsh, how did it get there? - from June 2007 (284kb)

Welsh cups are bigger - by the editors mum... from September 2007 (194kb)

A short 'singing' lesson... The Golden Rules - from June 2007 (194kb)