Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1928...

St Peter's, Great Haseley

8th April 2017

Our music team of Helen Swift and Tim Croston led the choir for this special 'birthday' concert for Malcolm Prior.

Choir members provided 'solo' slots between choir sets. Phil Lewis, our Chairman, sang Ar Lan y Môr.

Paul Harrison completed the first group with Caro mio ben (My darling dear).

Between sets 3 and 4 Andy Jones sang 'Whispering Grass', an 'Ink Spots' song which many people now associate with Windsor Davies & Don Estelle.

Malcolm lives in Great Haseley, but still fondly remembers the Welsh hymns and songs of his childhood.

MD Helen Swift showed off her singing talent with Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love) by Cole Porter.

As well as conducting, Helen also introduces the choir pieces with a fascinating mixture of facts and anecdotes.

This was followed by Phil Gibbs singing 'My Little Welsh Home' and finished with 'Happy Birthday'.
After the concert, Malcolm and other members of the audience, joined us for an afterglow in The Plough, Great Haseley.