Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1928...

St James's, Aston

3rd June 2017

the choir at aston

A first appearance with the Oxford Welsh for accompanist Samuel Swinnerton.

choir ready to start
Before the concert the choir always does a sound check. Helen Swift is at the back of the Church just checking that our volume and clarity match the accoustics.

The afterglow is always important. Our Chairman Phil Lewis is celebrating for two reasons. It had been a fun concert and we had just sung 'Happy Birthday' for him!

choir plus a burst of blue

We were joined by Aston Ladies choir, 'A Burst of Blue'. Their two sets provided a splendid contrast to our Welsh choir repertoire.

Helen and Sam deserved to look pleased at the end of the concert. The Vicar David John Lloyd and audience were very appreciative.

@The Red Lion Aston

We didn't chase all of the 'Red Lion' locals out... most of them stayed, especially when we started singing requests like 'Delilah' and 'Men of Harlech'.