Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1928...

St Giles Church, Standlake

1st July 2017

standlake choir

The first outing for our new uniform. It's been a long time in the making, ordering and selection... Most people agreed that it was well worth the wait! As usual Helen Swift conducted and Tim Croston accompanied.

cat herding
Our Marshall has the job of arranging the choir. He used to herd cats in a past life!

HHelen and Tim at work.

helen conducts standlake

A close up of Helen Swift and Tim CrostonThe music team work closely together and Tim follows Helen's lead closely. Sometimes the choristers also follow Helen!

outside the church

As it was a warm evening we also tried some outside shots.

Hannah frase mc

Hannah Fraser-Mackenzie sang her last solo set with us before the 'happy event'. I can report that mum and baby Adam are both very well.