Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1928...

Morriston Tabernacle, with Morriston RFC MVC

15th July 2017

inside morriston

Inside the imposing Morriston Tabernacle. We managed to get there despite having to rearrange transport after our coach failed to turn up. (It had been in an accident. Fortunately nobody was hurt.) The picture shows Helen Swift and Alex Howgego rehearsing our pieces with Morriston RFC choir.

Helen shared the conducting with Morriston's MD, D.Huw Rees

Helen received her bouquet at the end of a brilliant concert.


Morriston provided Parti Llwchwr and Rhydian Jenkins for extra musical entertainment. I'm sorry that I can't find a photo of 'Parti', they were so entertaining. Rhydian who won the 2015 Geraint Morris Award, sang brilliantly and we look forward to hearing him at The Royal Albert Hall in 2018.

Alex joined us as guest accompanist. He now lives in Bristol so Morriston wasn't too far!


Our chairman, Phil Lewis received a little gift from Morriston. It was a photo of 'the real' Tom Jones, a Morriston lad who moved to Oxford and sang with us in the 80's.